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Brian J. Brislen

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Law Day and Avenger Day: What Superheroes Teach us About the Law

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I am taking this opportunity to add a second post on a Friday.  This post is a break from the sports themed Friday format of this blog.  And the break is for good reason.  Actually two good reasons (but one … Continue reading

Preventing and Handling Lost Confidential Records

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Recently, it was reported that probation files in the custody of a probation officer were stolen (along with the officer’s car in which the files were left).  Those records were later recovered (along with the car).  Whether records or information is stolen, … Continue reading

Public Relations in Litigation

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By now nearly everyone has heard about the “Pink Slime” debate involving Beef Products, Inc.  A recent article in the Omaha World Herald discussed BPI’s admitted miscalculation about the publicity its product was receiving.  The article suggests that BPI did little to … Continue reading