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Brian J. Brislen

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Offering An Out of Court Statement? Hearsay Rule Simplified

Posted in Cross Examination, Direct/Redirect Examination, Trial

Everyone, it seems, has heard of the word “hearsay.”  Those of you lucky enough to be non-lawyers probably associate the word as meaning “something someone else said” or maybe even “gossip.”  In fact, one on-line dictionary simply defines it as … Continue reading

When Technology Attacks: How Not Knowing the E-Filing Rules May Lead to Problems

Posted in Trial

This post is authored by Cathy Trent-Vilim, a partner in LDM’s litigation department. By Cathy Trent-Vilim: As a practicing litigation attorney, you have probably noticed the courts’ growing reliance on technology to manage litigation files, including the filing of court … Continue reading

Road to the College World Series Still Open for NU and CU

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Two weeks ago I previewed the end of the college baseball season for both the Creighton Bluejays and Nebraska Cornhusker baseball teams.  At that time Nebraska was working to even make the post season tournament while Creighton was mired in … Continue reading