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Kyle Wallor

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Ethical Duty Owed Third Party Lienholder or Subrogation Interest

Posted in Ethics

We know attorneys have an ethical obligation to their own clients for the safekeeping of property under Nebraska’s Rules of Profession Conduct.  Neb.Rev.Stat. § 3-501.15.  This often arises in the area of personal injury litigation.  In fact, improper handling or usage of … Continue reading

Law Students' Suits Against Law Schools Dismissed

Posted in In-House Counsel

In February, one of our blogs noted lawsuits being filed by laws students seeking damages due to law schools misrepresenting employment and salary data.  This included suits against New York Law School and Thomas M. Cooley Law School .  The claims raised by the suits appeared … Continue reading

Cyber Gripe – Opinion, Defamation or Outright Harassment

Posted in In-House Counsel

As the target of a local a cyber griper, I have taken interest in reading about cyber activities taken against individuals and businesses.  The activities can range from posting complaints on review websites all the way to creating websites for … Continue reading

Litigators Can Learn From the Stanley Cup Playoffs

Posted in Trial

The National Hockey League is presently holding the Stanley Cup Playoffs.  As you may know, professional hockey is a an extremely physical sport which often includes physical confrontation. This is because all professional hockey players ferociously compete to secure the … Continue reading

Seven Final Thoughts on Economic Damages and Joint and Several Liability

Posted in In-House Counsel, Legislation

Over the course of this six part series, we have examined the state of economic damages and joint and several liability law in Nebraska.  I will provide some closing thoughts on the state of the law, the system and a substantial question … Continue reading

Economic Damages and Joint and Several Liability, Part V

Posted in In-House Counsel, Legislation

As per my note in Part IV, I am going to take a look at a case which appears to be contrary to the Nebraska Supreme Court’s ruling in Tadros v. City of Omaha, 273 Neb. 935, 735 N.W.2d 377 … Continue reading