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Bracketbuster Provides Bluejays A Shot At Redemption

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Tomorrow night Creighton plays a bracketbuster game at home against Long Beach State.   If you follow the Bluejays you know they have fallen on some hard times and, subsequently, out of the national rankings.  Doug McDermott was receiving a lot of press for national player of the year.  Now, after three straight losses, some of the luster has washed off of the Bluejays and McDermott.  Maybe that’s not all bad.  Following the three straight losses the Bluejays went on the road for a record breaking performance against Southern Illinois.  They look to build off of that and get back in the good graces of the nation when they face LBS.

LBS comes to the Century Link Center with a record of 19-6 and 12-0 mark in the Big West Conference.  They have beaten Pitt (on the road) and Xavier while both were ranked.  They have close road losses at Louisville (by 13), at Kansas (by 8) and at North Carolina (by 6).  The team can play some basketball.  A win Saturday could help solidify the Bluejays as an at-large tournament team and provide some redemption for a tough stretch of basketball.  The Jays could use the confidence boost and a reminder that they are good enough to beat good teams.


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